The benefits to getting rid of popcorn ceiling.

Benefits of removing popcorn – asbestos -cottage cheese ceilings

Are you still living with popcorn ceiling throughout your house? They used to be thought of as a nice way to constructing ceilings because of their strong and bright characteristics. They were also great at dampening noises from bouncing around and leaking out of rooms.

Sadly, there are multiple disadvantages to having this stuff in your home. Be sure you find a good contractor to take of all the popcorn ceiling in your home to protect you and your family, whilst upgrading the look of your home.


Honestly, popcorn ceiling is down right ugly to look at. It has a jagged texture which many compare to living in a cave. There are multiple way to create a nice sound dampener when you remove the texture, so that shouldn’t be an excuse to not get rid of it. The texture of the popcorn ceiling, makes them difficult to restructure and as well as paint over. If you like to try new colours every so often, it may be advised to get rid of the popcorn ceiling, as it will make things difficult for you.

Value of your home increases

New home buyers are very wary when looking to purchase a home that has popcorn ceiling. Though some textured popcorn ceilings don’t have asbestos in them, a lot of people aren’t into risking the potential. By removing the popcorn ceiling, you increase the value of your home whilst keeping the option of a possible future sale more open and easier.


This hazardous stuff was used extensively during the eighties in popcorn ceilings. If you have the slightest concerns that your popcorn ceiling does contain asbestos, it’s recommended to sample it and check to see if it does. If It does, then you don’t want to subject yourself to the respiratory problems that it can inflict and get it removed by professionals as soon as possible. If even a piece of contaminated popcorn ceiling breads off, the asbestos can possible be inhaled and can seriously hurt someone. Be sure take out this potential hazard and feel comfortable being in your home.

It has been banned

The truth is you don’t want to have a material in your home that has been banned. It has been banned by the government and for good reason. The problem is that some companies were exempt from this ban due to economic strains it would inflict if they went out of business. For this reason, many houses have the asbestos in the popcorn ceiling that was installed. It is most likely that you can one day get into some trouble for just having the asbestos popcorn ceiling in your house. The good thing is that you can be pro-active , and have it removed properly by professionals. There can be a multitude of problems that can arise from having the ceilings from lawsuits to personal health being jeopardized. Call your local contractor and look to have them removed.

Actress Monica Potter Renovates Her Childhood Home in New HGTV Series

‘Welcome Back Potter’

NEW YORK–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Actress, entrepreneur and mother, Monica Potter, best known for her role in NBC-TV’sParenthood, returns to Cleveland to renovate her childhood home near the shore of Lake Erie in HGTV’s new series Welcome Back Potter. Premiering on Tuesday, October 11, at 11 p.m. and 11:30 p.m. ET/PT, the series follows Monica, her mom, Nancy, and three outspoken sisters, Jessica, Brigette and Kerry, as they tackle the massive whole-home renovation

The family sold the home in 1987, but it sat abandoned and in disrepair for the last five years. For Monica, restoring the 1,800 square-foot family home that was built in 1924 is something that she and her family can work on together. “I always wanted to buy the house back,” said Monica. “After 30 years, it’s finally back in the family.”

Monica Potter

In the series premiere, Monica, her sisters and mother walk through the home to discover little has changed since they left—everything from the rickety front steps, old wallpaper, furniture and even childhood mementos—were still there. But the family is eager to renovate the home and make it a place they can gather for special occasions and holidays. With help from a construction team, the sisters demolish walls and tear out the old cabinets and appliances to create an open-concept kitchen and dining area. With décor items from Monica’s local shop, Monica Potter Home, fresh paint, new cabinetry, and a custom-made lighting feature created by Monica and her youngest sister Kerry, the combined rooms are transformed into a beautiful, airy and inviting space.

“This home was a magical place to grow up,” said Monica. “It’s the heart of my family.”

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What to Do When Hot Water Floods the House


It is not uncommon for a water heater to leak. This could be as a result of a corroded water tank or a loose valve. Most often, boilers and water heaters are located in areas that are less frequented. These include utility room closet, garage, attic, and basement. Thus, it is not easy to identify where the problem is.

One of the greatest disadvantages when hot water floods the house, is that hot water burns. For example, if the water has steamed off the garage, it would not be wise to use your bare hands to assess the damage.

What to Do When Hot Water Floods the House

To start with, you ought to determine where the water is coming from. These could be a drain valve, pressure-relief valve, or from leaky and damaged fittings. Consequently, shut off the heater as well as the water. If you are using an electric water heater, you can check out the circuit breaker box. Bear in mind that electricity and water do form a very dangerous combination and the soon you make sure they have no contact, the better.

Second, you may start the drying up process. Be keen to rescue the valuable possessions. Do not take too long in the rescue process. Bear in mind that the longer you take, the more water is going to seep and thus may cause further damage. When doing all this, make sure that children and pets are not in contact with water heat.

Third, assess the possibility of the mold and mildew. These two can trigger an allergic reaction or even cases of asthma. It should be noted that some mold spores are quite toxic and can lead to serious health complications.

Lastly, it is important that you call the insurance company. It can dispatch a water mitigation crew which can act as soon as possible. However, insurance companies follow very strict procedures when they are carrying out their work. A mistake on your part may mean that you are not compensated.

Importance of Restoration Renegades

If the nature of the problem is beyond you, you should contact a restoration renegade as soon as you can. Such a company has the experience, knowledge, as well as tools to attend to the problem. Most importantly, such a company is in a position to attend to an emergency.

It is important that you contact a company like A#1 Emergency Service that works anytime, including the holidays. This is rare, though. For example, if you face a hot water flooding on a public holiday day, you may have to wait until the holiday is over. However, there are companies which work even during such a time.

In some cases, the professionals may advise you to carry out a total replacement of at least some parts of the plumbing system.


Hot water flooding can occur at any time. What is important is that you act as soon as you can. Whatever you do, make sure that you use the necessary precautions in order to avoid any health consequences. All in all, the services of a professional may come in handy in helping you seek a sustainable solution to your problem.

Home Security Systems

 Why Do you Need Protection

Who is going to take care of your home when you are away? Or are you thinking about spending hundreds of dollars on a professional security agency? Home security is a very sensitive issue that should be dealt with a lot of concern and care. With thefts and home invasions on the rise, the popularity of home security systems is rising. The relaxation and peace of mind offered by home security systems Toronto is ineffable.
Though insurance coverage can cover a significant portion of your home, you can not take security for granted. The threat of being targeted can leave you disturbed. According to a recent survey conducted by the BBC, most homeowners feel that the scar of burglary can shatter your piece of mind. That is why you should not hesitate to invest in home security systems Toronto. This is a healthy investment that will always pay off.
Effective home security systems are not limited to alarms. You can also invest on motion sensors, window sensors, and monitoring systems. These are modern gadgets that can be installed and maintained easily. All these gadgets will make trespassing very difficult.

Those days are long gone when you had to lock your homes before going on vacations. These days, home security systems can help you lock home from anywhere. This is because locking system can be controlled through your smartphone. As a matter of fact, you can also control the time your garage and store room can be accessed by your friends and neighbors. This proves the amount of safety home security systems Toronto can offer you. Besides, these gadgets can promise you a high level of safety and security.
Home security systems are bought in different forms and various levels of complexity. Some systems are built with alarms, movement sensors, and temperature monitors. If these systems notice abnormal movement, they immediately raise a warning. Thus, you can keep an eye on your home from distant locations. Waves can be linked with smartphones applications and other gadgets that will notify you on time.
The security cameras can easily record any form of unexpected and unauthorized movement within the home during the day or night. These gadgets are very effective in recording and monitoring high-quality videos even in low visibility conditions.
Generally, home security systems are required to remain active 24/7. You will be able to protect your home from intrusions and unexpected loss. This is one of the best investment you can ever make in your home. The home security  can really boost the level of security in your home. By investing in these systems, you can also lower the cost of your home insurance, protect your family and boost the value of your home.
Now, the next step you need to take is to contact home security systems Toronto. They are many professionals who provide useful information on this subject to help you make the final decision.

Cedar Hedges

Cedars are one of the most pest and disease resistant trees, making it the most popular choice for creating a hedge in North America. A properly fertilized and placed cedar will boast a healthy green colour and will grow quite rapidly in the warmer months. With minimal pruning and fertilizing needed the cedar is a robust species that can withstand extreme temperature fluctuations and actually thrive in these environments. Commonly planted in rows next to each other, they literally grow into each other and create a solid hedge of cedar. They can also do just fine in their own separate planters.

The emerald cedar has a bright green colour and it can be kept at modest 5-7 feet or can be let go to as high as 22 feet! They usually have a spread of about 4 feet. They usually have a grow of about a foot a year so they are pretty fast growers in general.

The pyramidal arborvitae is a slimmer tree with a bright green colour that darkens as it matures. It will do well kept at around 5-6 feet , but can easily grow to 20 feet and boast a 4 foot spread. They also grow at around a foot a year and make excellent choice for a hedge.

The Western Red Cedar is an perfect choice for larger hedge or as a larger separate conifer.  This cedar is ideal as a wind and noise dampener, this particular cedar grows extremely fast at between one to two feet per year.

The cedar species is a robust tree that is resistant to disease and pests and the fact that it’s an evergreen makes this the most popular tree in landscaping projects across the northern climates. With a quick growing rate, you can have  a mature looking hedge in as quick as a few years if you buy adolescent trees.



The stone contractors of Toronto specialize and deal with waterproofing on basements, walls , windows and roofs etc. This is convenient and maximally applicable in Fixing leakages which is a major problem facing homeowners in Toronto. This not only gives the stone contractors Toronto has to offer a hard time but also a lot of money is wasted on repairs mainly caused by leakages including brick and window deterioration, mold formation and rusts etc. Generally the source of the leaks is always the big issue; they could either be traveling down a rafter or accumulation of condensation but the worst are those that penetrate the roof directly. Most homeowners assume most of the worse that could happen in the case of a leaking roof due to lack of money, procrastination on the issue in argument of having more important things to take care of and lack of the right man for the job.All this and more cannot compare to the adverse effects the leaks may cause.The following are signs that a homeowner should look for in determining whether to call a roofer:
The repaired leak is not holding:

Sometimes after the leak has been repaired it may not hold. Rain,hail or snow use the weaknesses of the roof to penetrate.A poorly repaired roof is vulnerable and anything heavy can easily take it down.
Multiple leaks are on the roof:
Multiple leaks make it hard for one to mend his/her own roof. A professional may recommend putting up a new roof or a lot of repairs.
The leak wicks along the ceiling and on the walls:
Its very difficult to determine the actual source of the leak in this case because of the spread across the walls and ceiling . its only advisable to call on a professional who better knows how to determine the source.
The type of roof surface:
Fixing a roof requires someone with knowledge and skill on the material used for roofing for better quality work.
Depending on the source , type of material used, condition of the roof in the moment of the leak its important to know whether the roofer could actually do the task as required. To find the right roofer one must consider the following:
-The quality of the work the roofer does;
A homeowner must look at the work done and judge whether its quality is high or low,a good roofer should be detail oriented and have an area of expertise.jewel-stone-contractor
-How the roofer handles owner’s property;
During the work session , the roofer should not trample over plants and flowers round the house and work carelessly while breaking things around the house for example vases and plant pots.
A roofer with maximum experience is preferred because he/she can easily identify the source and repair any leak.
-The tools used by the roofer;
The chemicals used should be environmental friendly and the roofer should in possession of professional tools required and does not have to come asking for tools from your home.
In conclusion , its not convenient to assume a leaking roof because later you may be forced to handle deterioration on the entire wall or roof which may cause collapse on either of the the two and its highly advisable not to ignore the simple strategy of fixing the mule hole rather than dealing with the mountain.

Finding The Best Ottawa House Painters For Spring 2016

Painting your walls can be a great way to add a splash of color to your own Ottawa property, or even rental properties you want to get filled sooner than later. It’s one of the first things people notice when they enter your home, and it’s one of the easier jobs that can be done to increase curb appeal and make your property stand out among the competition. So many people think they can cut corners and ultimately save a few hundred or thousand dollars, but we’d highly recommend you stay away from this approach. Even if you have experience rolling on paint and getting it to look decent, there are several well-known benefits to hiring a professional crew.

Are professional painting crews worth the extra cost

First of all, the point that they can get the entire job done within your time frame is worth it alone in our view. So many customers we talk to end up wasting tons of time trying to get their job done over the weekend and on their days off. This rush is really not worth it as Ottawa’s top residential house painters have extensive crews with the right equipment that can get your home painting needs full filled in whatever time frame you need.

Before you hire a local painting contractor in Ottawa, we’d recommend you ask your friends or family for anyone they can recommend. Unfortunately, as Spring 2016 comes and the need for even small painting jobs explodes, there are tons of low quality painters and general contractors looking to make a quick buck. Cheap home painters likely do not have liability insurance and this opens you up to being held legally responsible for anyone injured on your property. Combined with the lack of professionalism and peace of mind that comes with these un-established painting companies, the idea of paying 5-10% more for a properly done job is not as bad as it may sound.